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How Can I Clean A Slate Floor

Like other stone products, slate can develop a white, dusty discoloration over time that can detract from its natural beauty. This effect is known as efflorescence and occurs when salt deposits within the stone seep through the pores of the material and reform on the surface. The efflorescence should dissipate over time, or it can be removed using chemical cleaning systems. Slate is also quite expensive compared to other facing materials, although the additional upfront expenses should be equalized against each commodities strength and maintenance requirements best vinyl plank flooring in Tallahassee, FL.

When used outdoors, slate cladding can be installed in a similar way to traditional brick cladding. It is cut into small blocks, called sculping, and is erected using brick tie rods and masonry mortar. Like other types of stone cladding, this type of installation is designed as a curtain wall system. This means that the stone finish surface is self-supporting and is separated from the structural walls of the building by several centimeters to allow for drainage.

Slate cladding can be established on concrete or concrete panels using masonry mortar and are similar to traditional stone cladding. In this type of application the shingles or slate panels must be cut very thinly to minimize stress on the building structure.

One of the main benefits associated with slate is its rich natural coloring and fine-grained appearance. This material also offers a high degree of fire protection and durability and requires little or no maintenance. Slate can be expected to last for decades on an indoor or outdoor application and is tough enough resist elements such as water, wind, moisture, and sleet.

Why choose a slate floor?

Slate is a sedimentary stone , typical of Liguria (we find quarries in Lavagna and Fontanabuona). It was used since ancient times for tombstones and is often found as a roof covering in particular in the region of origin.

Slate is still used to build the legendary blackboards that we find in all schools .

The choice of the slate floor is made due to the enormous ductility of this stone which lasts over time and can be laid in different colors.

which we can improve our website’s ranking. Using these techniques, we are putting more emphasis on Human Readers

SEO – The Secret Sauce For Being An Internet Superstar

By the late 90s with the advent of more advanced searched engines, things started to change. In a broader sense, search giants like Google indexes through millions of websites over the internet with the help of web-crawlers and creating a model of data using complex mathematical indexing algorithms. So, whenever a user tries to search something, he or she is provided with the most relevant info instead of being slammed with something which is just better advertised.


The relevancy (or rank) of a website, as mentioned above, is determined by the algorithms these engines employ. Google, for example, uses certain standards by which it determines the rank of a particular website and rates in its system. Thus, to get a higher ranking in Google’s system (or any other search engine) we need to design or modify our website in accordance with its algorithms which in turn could generate more traffic to our website. This process is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Importance of SEO

The current internet usage trend shows that more than 90% of internet usage is search queries. To get noticed online, it becomes crucial to adapt these patterns and adjust your online strategy to reap maximum benefits. Since Google is currently the biggest search giant by its market share, we’ll be using Google Search as an example.

For a particular search, Google returns around millions of different results in less than a second from its system, which it finds most relevant for the search query. These millions of search results are displayed in a particular order and are spread throughout thousands of pages. Statistically, most of the users don’t even click on the second page, and on the first page itself, the first three organic search results have over 90% of chance being clicked. So basically, if your website doesn’t show on the first page of the search result, then it is non-existent. We do not have to explain the seriousness of this situation. To get your website to rank higher on the search results, you need to use SEO techniques.

All these techniques mentioned above are the ‘legitimate’ ways by which we can improve our website’s ranking. Using these techniques, we are putting more emphasis on Human Readers instead of search engines by creating more relevant content. This would turn out to be beneficial in the long run and would help in increasing the authenticity of a website. These guidelines come under the ethics of SEO practices and thus are called Ethical SEO or popularly as White-Hat SEO.

SEO is more like a technique or a concept which branches out further into more complex topics instead of being any single tangible thing. The scope of this article is limited to elaborating on SEO abstractly and briefly.