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How Can I Clean A Slate Floor

Like other stone products, slate can develop a white, dusty discoloration over time that can detract from its natural beauty. This effect is known as efflorescence and occurs when salt deposits within the stone seep through the pores of the material and reform on the surface. The efflorescence should dissipate over time, or it can be removed using chemical cleaning systems. Slate is also quite expensive compared to other facing materials, although the additional upfront expenses should be equalized against each commodities strength and maintenance requirements best vinyl plank flooring in Tallahassee, FL.

When used outdoors, slate cladding can be installed in a similar way to traditional brick cladding. It is cut into small blocks, called sculping, and is erected using brick tie rods and masonry mortar. Like other types of stone cladding, this type of installation is designed as a curtain wall system. This means that the stone finish surface is self-supporting and is separated from the structural walls of the building by several centimeters to allow for drainage.

Slate cladding can be established on concrete or concrete panels using masonry mortar and are similar to traditional stone cladding. In this type of application the shingles or slate panels must be cut very thinly to minimize stress on the building structure.

One of the main benefits associated with slate is its rich natural coloring and fine-grained appearance. This material also offers a high degree of fire protection and durability and requires little or no maintenance. Slate can be expected to last for decades on an indoor or outdoor application and is tough enough resist elements such as water, wind, moisture, and sleet.

Why choose a slate floor?

Slate is a sedimentary stone , typical of Liguria (we find quarries in Lavagna and Fontanabuona). It was used since ancient times for tombstones and is often found as a roof covering in particular in the region of origin.

Slate is still used to build the legendary blackboards that we find in all schools .

The choice of the slate floor is made due to the enormous ductility of this stone which lasts over time and can be laid in different colors.