Through Toefl Classes You Can Now Get To Your Dream College Abroad

Abbreviation for ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’, this test is conducted and supervised by a parent body named Educational Testing Service, also abbreviated as ETS. ETS is a non-profit organization. Based in the United States of America, this organization conducts the TOEFL test, globally, which is, indeed, one of the most publicly recognized and acclaimed tests,particularly the English language. The test is usually taken by those, whose native language is something other than English, or simply, not English. The best part about the test is, that this is the only test that has pandemic recognition and is considered by thousands of universities and colleges, all over the world. This is usually taken by those students who want to study abroad or in a foreign country.

About Toefl:

A big cheers to all those who have not yet mastered the English language or are a mere glib now. Since Toefl is an internationally recognized test, it has its roots unfurled everywhere. Be it Mumbai or Washington DC, there are TOEFL classesand so are in Washington DC. So here is everything you need to know about this test:

  • Type: This is indicative of the modes through which the test can be taken. So, the test can be taken through 2 modes – internet-based test and Paper-based, written test. If taking the internet-based test; the candidate has to give the test online on a computer system. As a paper-based written test; the candidate is allotted a center where he has to go and write the test.
  • Eligibility: The best quirk about TOEFL stands to be this – there no such eligibility criteria defined by the ETS community so far. Any person or a non-native of English language can give the test.
  • Grade validity: The score or the grades acquired by a person in this test remain valid for a period of 2 years. On the expiration of this, the person has to re-write or give the test again. As per the scores, the colleges are allotted to the person. The scorecard validity implies that if the person does not take admission in any of the allotted colleges within 2 years, he/she will have to again give the test after the lapse of this period, to take admission through this procedure.
  • Skills assessed: Under this test, knowledge in 3 fields is tested, namely, reading, writing, listening and speaking in the English There are stipulated scored that have to be attained in each of these fields by the appearing candidate.

This is also the best and most facile way to get to foreign universities; especially for those who lack funds to directly move to a foreign university.